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The CBS series Barnaby Jones is a Quinn Martin Production

w. = writer, d. = director, m. = music (composer).

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Season Two 1973/74

2014. Blind Terror (09/16/73) ; PN 9754

While watching something terrible happen to her room mate Michelle college student Amy steps back, falls down the stairs and is left blind and cannot recall the events. In search for Michelle Barnaby talks to Amy, who is plagued by a mysterious visitor.
w. Robert Malcolm Young, d. Walter Grauman, m. Billy Byers
Belinda J. Montgomery (Amy Partridge), Christopher Stone (Eric Rome), Dabney Coleman (Amy's Uncle Paul Cleveland), Patricia Smith (Amy's Aunt Ellen Cleveland), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Benedict), Robert Doyle (Argus Selby), Richard Bull (Mr. Strather).
With: Stephen Coit (Doctor Mayhew), Kathleen O'Malley (Mrs. Selby, Argus' Mother), Cheryl Gormley (?), Kathryn Janssen (?), Jeff Ely (Boy Toddler).

2015. Death Leap (09/23/73) ; PN 9752

To get money for his gambling loans lawyer Peter Harris masterminds a gem robbery. To distract the police he hires high-wire artist Roy Hason who pretends to jump from a roof in a suicide. When Roy unexpectedly falls to death, his girl friend asks Barnaby for help.
w. Ben Masselink, d. Seymour Robbie, m. Tom Scott
Tim O'Connor (Peter Harris, Lawyer), Brooke Bundy (Miss Dorsey), Ramon Bieri (Lt. Hager, LAPD), Susan Howard (Sandra Harris), Jonathan Lippe (Ed, 1st Diamond Robber), Reta Shaw (Flo), James McCallion (Eddie, Barnaby's Informer), William Bramley (Mike at Gymnasium), Ben Frank (Frank Tilton, 2nd Diamond Robber), J. Duke Russo (Danny, Harris' Creditor).
With: Edward Colmans (Jeweller), Stuart Nisbet (Coroner Jim), Jessica Rains (Harris' Secretary), Nina Roman (Miss Temple at Van Hoff Gems), Patrick Riley (?), David Brandon (Don, Man at Film Showing), Jerry Summers (Roy Hason).

2016. Echo of a Murder (09/30/73) ; PN 9751

Gil Atkens is accused of murdering his wife as several people saw him quarrel with Claire in a boat and striking her with the oar when she fell into the water. Although Barnaby gets a film that proves Gil's innoncence, he discovers a clever insurance fraud.
w. Calvin Clements, d. Walter Grauman, m. Hugo Fiedhofer
Stefanie Powers (Sharon Renford/Claire Atkens), Wayne Rogers (Gil Atkens), Dan Travanti (Lon Stevens), John Ragin (Walker, District Attorney), Sandy Kenyon (Benjamin Wright, Witness), Ross Elliott (Sheriff).
With: Helen Kleeb (Miss Henley, Witness), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Ryan, Witness), Bill Quinn (Judge), Bill Erwin (Atken's Defense Counsel), David Ankrum (Young Receptionist).

2017. Day of the Viper (10/07/73) ; PN 9755

Liza Mills, a former student of Barnaby's, asks for help when her father is killed by a snake bite and the suspicion falls on her adopted brother Kevin. Barnaby gains Kevin's confidence and finds out that Liza's fiancé Jim Howard has something to hide.
w. Barry Oringer, d. Walter Grauman
Andrew Prine (Jim Howard /Jim Hague), Katherine Justice (Liza Mills), Vincent Van Patten (Kevin Mills), Arch Johnson (Sheriff Les Sprague), Ford Rainey (Andrew Mills), Priscilla Morrill (Deborah Meadows, Librarian), Read Morgan (Deputy Bailey).

2018. Trial Run for Death (10/14/73) ; PN 9753

Curt Fowler discovers his brother-in-law, race car champion Mark Landy, kissing Lori Wright. As he threatens to tell his sister, Mark kills him and tries to fake a trial run accident. When Barnaby comes on to scene, Lori wants to make profit from being a witness.
w. Robert W. Lenski, d. Lawrence Dobkin
Clu Gulager (Mark Landy), Margot Kidder (Lori Wright), Anne Collings (Rita Landy), Eddie Firestone (Mechanic Hammer), Karl Swenson (Mr. Fowler), Mark Roberts (Curt Fowler), Len Wayland (Frank, Man at Scrap Yard).
With: Paul Cavonis (Young Man Watering Hedge), G.J. Mitchell (Mr. Ashton, Car Salesman), Marguerite Ray (Secretary), Glenn Robards (Mechanic Malcolm).

2019. Catch Me If You Can (10/21/73) ; PN 9757

Shortly before discovering the identity of the long sought "Butterfly Killer" Eddie Wheelock commits suicide. His friend and colleague Barnaby tries to prove it was murder. The killer leaves puzzling clues for Barnaby including a Greek typewriter.
w. George Schenck, d. Walter Grauman
James Olson (Randall Stone), Charles Knox Robinson (Gene Merrick), Frank Maxwell (Eddie Wheelock), Peter Mamakos (Kalizar, Greek Host), Mary-Robin Redd (Stella, Stone's Landlady).
With: Claudia Bryar (Mary Wheelock), Mary Jackson (Hilda Forbes), Eddie Ryder (Typewriter Dealer), Byron Morrow (Police Lieutenant at Funeral), William Beckley (Mr. Kenton, Photographer), Jeane Byron (?), Judith Morton (Girl at Computer Room), Amy Fields (?), Carleton Young (Minister at Funeral), Tanya Lemani (Greek Girl Dancer).

2020. Divorce - Murderer's Style (10/28/73) ; PN 9756

Knowing his rich wife Linda wants to divorce him, Charley Cort hires Wilson to kill Linda on a parking lot, while Charley shoots "the mugger" as an unwanted witness. Linda's aunt Mrs. DeRoche hires Barnaby to investigate. Mrs. Wilson blackmails Charley.
w. Robert Heverly, d. Lawrence Dobkin, m. John Parker
Nina Foch (Eleanor DeRoche), Glenn Corbett (Charley Cort), Lynne Marta (Katherine Wilson), Jenny Sullivan (Terry Mayberry), Liam Sullivan (Laurence Whitley), Claire Brennen (Linda Cort).
With: Ron Pinkard (Parking Lot Attendant), Art Lewis (Mr. Maybury), Dallas Mitchell (Police Lieutenant), Jim Boles (Man at Bowling Lockers), Brendan Dillon (Butler at Oakridge Country Club), David Manzy (?), Maurice Hill (?), Lucille Meredith (Inn Receptionist), Bob Hoy (Lee Masters), Ed Fury (Gardener at Corts'), Howard Curtis (?).

2021. The Deadly Prize (11/04/73) ; PN 9758

Hollister is killed in the harbour by the dropping load of a crane. Barnaby investigates for an insurance company and uncovers the smuggling of a precious small emerald Buddha in a thermos, with one of Hollister's associates trying to kill the two others.
w. B.W. Sandefur, d. Michael Caffey
Madlyn Rhue (Myra Stayley), George Maharis (Warren Davis), Albert Salmi (Vincent Buccola), James Luisi (Burt Logan), Alfred Ryder (Mr. Granger), Noam Pitlik (Man at Westland Engineering), Val Avery (Andy Burns, Barnaby's Informer), Joseph Perry (Mr. Fountain, Crane Operator), Val de Vargas (Customs Officer With Dog), Hank Brandt (Chuck Forrester), James Hong (J.F. Chen, Antique Shop), John J. Fox (Mr. Murphy), George Sawaya (Roy Hollister).

2022. Stand-In for Death (11/11/73) ; PN 9759

Medic Marshall Briggs watches his wife Ellie leaving Gary Denning's boat. He kills the assumed rival and fakes a boating accident. When Barnaby discovers that Ellie's lover is tennis teacher Victor and Marshall wants to correct his mistake, he tries to help them.
w. Robert W. Lenski, d. Walter Grauman
Carl Betz (Marshall Briggs), Lynda Day George (Ellie Briggs), Stephen Brooks (Victor Dayton), Barra Grant (Mrs. Morris, Denning's Sister?), Arch Whiting (Gary Denning), Sybil Scotford (Marie Hubble?).
With: Barbara Brownell (Jackie?), Shirley O'Hara (Emily, Briggs' Maid), Colin Male (Brigg's Colleague?).

2023. The Black Art of Dying (11/25/73) ; PN 9761

After meeting psychic Jason Matthews on Kay Rogers' party Byron Colling is killed in a strange car accident. Byron's son hires Barnaby to investigate the cause. Kay hopes to find her child - kidnapped years ago - but fraud Matthews only wants her money.
w. Mark Weingart, d. Walter Grauman
Joanne Linville (Kay Rogers ), Fritz Weaver (Jason Mathews ), Robert Pine (Paul Colling), Karen Machon (Kelly Barnes), Walter Brooke (Byron Colling), Jerry Lester (Chicky, Entertainer), L.K. Krugman (Neighbor of Kelly Barnes).
With: Maxine Stuart (Ida, Kay Rogers' Maid), Ann Doran (Nurse Nora Randall), Jason Wingreen (Eddie of Clarion Electronics), Mavis Neal (Kay's Party Guest), George Cooper (Kay's Party Guest).

2024. The Killing Defense (12/02/73) ; PN 9760

As a defense counsel Edward Brendon clears Doug Anthony of stealing precious jewels. When Anthony digs out the hidden jewellry he is shot by Brendon, who is assisted by Anthony's wife Gail. She gives him an alibi. Barnaby has to recover the jewels for the owner.
w. Dick Nelson, d. Michael Caffey, m. John Elizalde
Leslie Nielsen (Edward Brendon), Marj Dusay (Gail Anthony), Linda Watkins (Mrs. Marcova), Ted Hartley (Douglas Anthony), Tony Monaco (Chris, Bellboy / Palm Springs).
With: Francis de Sales (Receptionist / Palm Springs), Larry McCormick (Reporter), Katie O'Pace (Dodie Craig, Waitress / Palm Springs), William Bryant (Sam Mason), Sandra de Bruin (Brendon's Secretary), Larry Mitchell (Policeman #2?), Bob Minor (Policeman #1).

2025. Fatal Flight (12/09/73) ; PN 9762

Theodore Gordon is killed in a plane crash when trying to transport important documents for an international company. Another member dies in a parachute jump. Barnaby finds out Gordon had a love affair. He sets a trap by repeating the flight with the documents.
w. Calvin Clements, d. Michael Caffey
Richard Anderson (Frank Cassidy), Pippa Scott (Janice Harley), Murray Hamilton (Clete Belford), Jerry Douglas (Bill Claymore), Jerry Ayres (Dan Foley), Joan Tompkins (Miss Wilson at Cove Gardens).
With: Russ Conway (Mr. Drexal), Eugene Peterson (Theodore Gordon), Harry Basch (Man at Flight Control), Byron Mabe (Man at Skydiving Club), Susan Quick (Secretary), Jimmy Hayes (?).

2026. Secret of the Dunes (12/16/73) ; PN 9763

Going by motorcycle Mason witnesses the secret burial of a murdered girl in the dunes. He is chased to death into an abyss by a helicopter. Barnaby, searching for Mason, traces wealthy Charles Manly Wheeling, whose girl friend tried to force a marriage.
w. B.W.Sandefur, d. Alf Kjellin. Second Unit Director: Carl Barth
Don Porter (Jeremy Markham), Patrick O'Neal (Charles Manly Wheeling), Robert Hogan (Lyle Casey), Laraine Stephens (Sheila Windsor), Frank Marth (Seaver), John Carter (Lt. Biddle) (1st appearance), Phillip Pine (Nicholas Michael Dunbar), Eric Server (Benson, Grocer).
With: Nancy Priddy (Dorothy Mason), Lawrence Montaigne (Man Pursuing Barnaby), Thom Carney (Bartender Freddie), Todd Lookinland (Jimmy Mason).

2027. Venus as in Fly Trap (01/06/74) ; PN 9764

After killing Margery, the disabled wife of her lover Larry, to accelerate a marriage Brooke is bitten by the family's dog. Margery's father doubts a suicide and hires Barnaby. Brooke tries to hide the bite in a cast, but Barnaby resorts to a ruse.
Teleplay Robert Heverly, story Robert Heverly & Jackson Gillis, d. Corey Allen.
Ed Nelson (Larry Kinner), Jessica Walter (Brooke Leighton), Jack Ging (Dr. Thomas Reston), Bettye Ackerman (Margery Kinner), Robert F. Simon (Mr. Strand, Margery's Father), Bonnie Ebsen [TV debut] (Brooke's Secretary at Editorial Office), Olive Dunbar (Katherine, Kinners' Maid).
With: Carol Lawson (Mrs. Nelson, Reston's Receptionist), Lew Brown (?), Carl Byrd (Medic at Paxton), Mario Machado (Talk Show Host), Don McGovern (?), Joseph Mell (Veterinarian).

2028. The Deadly Jinx (01/13/74) ; PN 9765

After several boyfriends of rich orphaned Jenny Sutherland have been killed or crippled, the housekeeper Kathy Revere asks Barnaby to investigate. Jenny believes she is a jinx, but Barnaby tries to find out whether these were accidents or murder was involved.
w. Robert W. Lenski, d. Robert Douglas
Ida Lupino (Kathy Revere), Meredith Baxter (Jenny Sutherland), Christopher Connelly (Doug Wingate), Mark Miller (Cal Medford, Lawyer), Richard Evans (Buck, Mechanic), Richard O'Brien (Sheriff), Jim Gammon (Lester Watkins), Joshua Bryant (Stan Porter), Jana Bellan (Waitress #2), Suzanne Cohane (Waitress #1), Jerry Summers (Greg Larkin).

2029. The Platinum Connection (01/20/74) ; PN 9766

When platinum manufacturers Nate Turner and Mitch Mitchell fake a robbery to collect money from the insurance company, Nate is killed by Mitch. Employee Mary Dwayne becomes witness of the fraud and joins a Mr. Smith in blackmailing Mitch with a secret video tape.
w. Calvin Clements, d. Seymour Robbie
Penny Fuller (Mary Dwayne), Gary Lockwood (Mitch Mitchell), Milton Selzer (Sam Benson), John Lasell (Mr. Smith), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Val Avery (Andy Burns), June Dayton (Mrs. Andrews), Dean Harens (Nate Turner), Frank Christi (André Roget), Bob Hastings (Bartender Al), Herb Armstrong (George, Guest at Mitchell's).

2030. Programmed for Killing (01/27/74) ; PN 9767

Pretending to get the birthday present for Emily, Chuck leaves the restaurant and rings up Emily's father at the company. By computer he activates a gear that kills the man. Barnaby investigates, meets young genius Brian and learns about "Charlie", the computer.
w. B.W.Sandefur, d. Marc Daniels
Michael Burns (Brian Elder), Don Stroud (Chuck Summers), Donna Baccala (Emily Kelso), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Downey), John Kerr (Dr. Lincoln), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Felice Orlandi (Mr. Griffith), Don Keefer (Mr. Greening, Whitfield Real Estate), Jenifer Shaw (Party Girl Alice?).
With: Ginny Golden (Party Girl Torby ?), Richard Yniguez (Jim García), Arnold Turner (Parking Lot Attendant), Paul Sorensen (Mac Kelso), Dorian Schafer (Kelso's Secretary).

2031. A Gold Record for Murder (02/10/74) ; PN 9768

When his 'ghost writer' Ray wants the proper credit for his songs, rock star David Colton kills him with a drug overdose. David tries to get rid of his manager Gil, who knows about Ray's songs. Barnaby, hired by Ray's parents, finds out about David's secret.
w. Larry Brody, d. George McCowan
Marjoe Gortner (David Colton), Meg Foster (Glenda), Jason Evers, (Gil Turner), Arthur Franz (Morgan Walding, Ray's Father), Doreen Lang (Mrs. Walding), Lenore Kasdorf (Paula), Jill Jaress (Turner's Secretary).
With: Michael Zaslow (Raymond Walding), Charles Isen (Coroner Dr. Mayhill), Ian Sander (?), George McDaniel (?), Janear Hines (Saleswoman at Leather Goods Shop), Ben Marino (?), Garett Marsh (?).

2032. Friends Till Death (02/17/74) ; PN 9769

Betty becomes Barnaby's new client when Susan, her college friend, mysteriously falls to death after trying to seek his help. Barnaby finds the key for a locker filled with heroin and Betty has to cope with the fact that Karen, another friend, smuggled the drugs.
w. Robert Heverly, d. Russ Mayberry
Susan Oliver (Karen Macklin), Ross Martin (Maxwell Imry), Scott Marlowe (Vincent Talbot), Fred Sadoff (Jerry), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Gail Strickland (Susan Taylor).
With: Peter Brocco (Harry Hamlin), Charles Isen (Coroner Dr. Mayhill), Walker Edmiston (Man Selling Keys?), Artie Spain (Hobo), Mark Allen (Man at Meat Lockers Rental), [Tom Geas (Calvin)].

2033. Rendezvous with Terror (02/24/74) ; PN 9770

Juan DeVarga, a terminally ill Latin American leader, wants Barnaby to locate his son John Revez as he needs an heir. Barnaby finds out that Revez is also Javier, leader of a terrorist group opposing DeVarga. Jones arranges a meeting, but there is a traitor.
w. Calvin Clements, d. Seymour Robbie
Gilbert Roland (Juan DeVarga ), Cal Bellini (John Revez / Javier), Joe Santos (Balazar), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Revez), Frank Ramírez (García), Annette Cardona (Angela), Carlos Romero (Jarras).
With: George Cervera, Jr. (Revez' Doorkeeper?), Ernest Sarracino (?), Roberto Rodriguez (?), Thomas Rosales, Jr. (?), George Cano (?), Sam Vlahos (?).

2034. Dark Legacy (03/03/74) ; PN 9771

During his honeymoon Paul Barringer falls to death from a cliff. Barnaby investigates for his widow Marilyn and finds out that there is one heir who wants to inherit the Barringer family fortune, killing the others. Marilyn waived, but learns she is pregnant.
w. Robert W. Lenski, d. Gene Nelson
Eileen Heckart (Virginia Lennox / "Steele"), David Wayne (Raymond Lennox / "Steele"), Nick Nolte (Paul Barringer), Paul Fix (Amos Barringer), Barbara Stanger (Marilyn Barringer), Mark Goddard (Frank Halliday), John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
With: Bill Zuckert (Guard at Whitman Building), Meg Wyllie (Amos Barringer's Housekeeper), Roy Engel (Salesman at Fishing Gear Store), Laurence Haddon (Man Requesting Frank's Service), Hal Riddle (Motel Manager).

2035. Woman in the Shadows (03/10/74) ; PN 9772

When Leila Evanston dies after a plastic surgery following a serious car accident doctor Danvers talks his mistress Karen into posing as Leila in order to save his career. While Mr. Evanston doesn't notice the change, Leila's lover does and blackmails her.
w. B.W. Sandefur, d. Walter Doniger
John Vernon (Dr. Hank Danvers), Susan Clark (Karen Maybury /"Leila Evanston"), Roger Perry (John Evanston), Linden Chiles (James Colin), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Angus Duncan (?), Jamie Farr (Man at Scrap Yard), Nora Marlowe (Dougherty, Maid), Kenneth O'Brien (?), Adrienne Marden (Nurse Downs), Kathleen Hughes (Rita, Hairdresser(Mechanic Malcolm)), Dorian Schafer (?).

2036. Image in a Cracked Mirror (03/10/74) ; PN 9773

Angie McClaine hires Barnaby to find her husband, who has disappeared and in reality is a marriage impostor that takes the identities of successful men. He marries rich Vanessa and poses as a doctor. Two people who try to unmask him are killed.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. William Hale
Mariette Hartley (Vanessa Stevenson/Kohlmeyer), Bradford Dillman (Charles Kohlmeyer/Stanley Rickland), Patty McCormack (Angie McClaine), Joel Fabiani (Dr. David Bellman), Teri Garr (Actress), Quinn Redeker (Jeffrey Allen McClaine), Claudette Nevins (Lisa Howard), William Sargent (Charles' Friend/ Best Man).
With: John Zaremba (Mr. Stevenson, Vanessa's Father), Dean Santoro (Photographer), Sarah Fankboner (?), Milt Oberman (?), Kate Hawley (Kohlmeyer's Nurse/ Receptionist), Cal Haynes (?), Gail Bonney (Kohlmeyer's Maid?), Todd Shelhorse (?).

2037. Foul Play (03/31/74) ; PN 9774

Sanderson, the manager of a basketball team, kills the brother-in-law of his star player Frank Hampton, when he is blackmailed due to Frank's foul play. Sanderson also kills Tony, an unwanted witness. But the blackmailing continues and Sanderson's team loses again.
Teleplay Calvin Clements, story Larry Brody, d. Walter Grauman
Andrew Duggan (Bill Sanderson), Reni Santoni (Tony Santos), Victor Holchak (Frank Hampton), George DiCenzo (Cy Lando), Patricia Hindy (Mrs. Bailey), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Frank Whiteman (Alan Bailey).
With: Charlene Holt (Sanderson's Secretary), Hal Smith (?), Don Megowan (?), Sidney Clute (Bartender /Oak Room), George Reynolds (?).

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Producer: Philip Saltzman
Supervising Producer: Adrian Samish
Executive Production Manager: Howard Alston
Assistant to the Executive Producer: John Conwell
Associate Producer: Gerald Sanford (2014-2029)
Executive Story Consultant: B.W. Sandefur (2030-2037)
Director of Photography: Ben Colman
Theme by Jerry Goldsmith
Music Supervisor John Elizalde
Production Manager: Henry Kline
Developed for Television by Edward Hume
Art Director: Gibson Holley
Film Editors: Marston Fay (2014, 2016, 2017), Pembroke Herring (2015, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2024), Harry Kaye (2019, 2022, 2023, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2032, 2034, 2036), Douglas Robertson (2025, 2027, 2029, 2031, 2033, 2035, 2037).
Location Manager: Jack Clements
Editorial Supervisor: Richard Brockway (2017-2037)
Assistant Directors: Charles R. Scott, Jr. (2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2032, 2034, 2036, 2037), Kenneth Swor (2015, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2024, 2025, 2035), Fred Gammon (2027, 2029), Joseph M. Ellis (2031, 2033).
Set Decorators: Carl Biddiscombe (2014, 2017-2032, 2036, 2037), Pierre Ludlam (2015, 2016), George Gaines (2032-2035).
Cars Furnished by The Ford Motor Co.
In Charge of Production: Arthur Fellows
A QM Production
Filmed at the Samuel Goldwyn Studio

Broadcast by CBS
Worldvision Enterprises Inc., a Taft Broadcasting Company

Credits were taken from the TV title and end credits of "Barnaby Jones". Although efforts have been made to identify all actors on the show (even in bit parts) not everybody could be related to her/his correponding role. For Season Two neither the character names of the co- stars nor the character names of the 'with' actors were listed, only the actors' names. (Although several additional people could be identified by now, I am still working on this; your help is welcome...). Many names were double-checked for correct spelling. Thanks to US Internet Movie Database as their filmographies were of great help to identify lesser known performers.

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