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The CBS series Barnaby Jones is a Quinn Martin Production

w. = writer, d. = director, m. = music (composer).

Barnaby Jones Episode Guide: Episode number [Episode numbering: first digit indicates the season number, the other three digits indicate the episode number (in order of airing, not production number): e.g. 1001 is season one, episode one; 6130 is season six, episode number 130)], episode title, original US airdates (month/day/year). PN: production number.

Season Six (1977/78)

Slightly different title credits.

6110. Death Beat (09/15/77) ; PN 7706

When Jim Anders jumps from a bridge a priest is dragged along and killed. Jim's girl friend Wendy, watching the event on DeWitt Robinson's TV report, hires Barnaby as she doubts a suicide. Barnaby finds out that Robinson works with manufactured news.
w. Larry Alexander, d. Michael Caffey
Robert Reed (DeWitt Robinson), Katherine Justice (Libby Price), Anthony Geary (Jim Anders /Wilson), Anne Lockhart (Wendy Millikan), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Richard Derr (Charlie Monahan), Rolly Fanton (Margie Hall), Brendan Dillon (Jonathan Archet), Michael Bond (Father Michael Moore), Donovan Jones (Steve Croyden).

6111. The Mercenaries (09/22/77) ; PN 7705

In his first big undercover assignment J.R. Jones tries to locate his friend Danny Corman, who joined a private army of mercenaries in order to pay the doctor for his ill wife. With the help of "Hobo" J.R. and Danny foil a plot to assassinate a Near East dictator.
w Robert Janes, d. Walter Grauman
Gregory Walcott (Colonel Folsom), Katherine Cannon (Lucy Todd), Mark Wheeler (Danny Corman), Cooper Huckabee (Steve Barker / "Hobo"), Byron Mabe (Bates), Jeanne Lange (Kate Corman), George Wallace (Longwood), Sheilah Wells (Noreen Silver), George Skaff (Rachid), James Chandler (Det. Sgt. Marley), Junero Jennings (Otis).

6112. The Wife Beater (09/29/77) ; PN 7703

Pat Halston seeks the help of her friend Betty as she is repeatedly beaten by her drunken husband Glen, who is reluctant to consult a psychologist. When Pat's boss David Conrad is slain suspicion falls on the jealous Glenn, who protests his innocence.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Walter Grauman, m. Robert Drasnin
Diane Baker (Pat Halston), Alan Fudge (Glen Halston), Michael Ebert (David Conrad), Pat Corley (Sid Markham), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), David Rounds (Dr. Dover), Walter Mathews (Lou Samson), Ryan Listman (Al Cooper), Richard Sanders (Joe Keller).

6113. Yesterday's Terror (10/13/77) ; PN 7707

Frances Dunslay, married to a successful husband, is confronted with her past as a call girl when Cal Green blackmailes her. She steals bonds from her husband's company and even hires Rudy Markham to kill Green. Barnaby investigates to find the missing bonds.
w. Robert Heverly, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert, m. John Elizalde
Granville Van Dusen (R. Ed Dunslay), Susan Howard (Frances Dunslay), Michael Baseleon (Rudy Markham), Charles Macauley (Lawrence Ordway), David Darlow (Calvin Timothy Green), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Lanna Saunders (Sandy Wright), David Mauro (Howie Spiller), Teris Wyss (Mary Jo), Dani Nolan (Sister Mary).

6114. The Damocles Gun (10/20/77) ; PN 7702

When Peggy Giroux meets her brother Neal at a restaurant he mysteriously vanishes after being injured by a hit-and-run driver. Peggy hires Barnaby to locate Neal. Jones finds out that Neal is a professional killer who hides a gun proving his boss murdered a man years ago.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Leo Penn, m. John Elizalde
Edward Power (Neal Giroux), Lee Purcell (Peggy Giroux), Frank Marth (Paul Buchanan), Robert Pine (Jim Rhodes), Augusta Summerland [= Linda Harrison] (Jan Redbow), Mary-Robin Redd (Candy Mason), Maurice Marsac (Michel, Restaurant Owner), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Steve-Allie Collura (Kenny Sands), John McCann (Ray Thompson), Wayne Heffley (Dr. Merlow), Susan Keller (Bank Clerk), Alain Patrick (André).

6115. Gang War (10/27/77) ; PN 7708

J.R. is abducted by members of the juvenile gang "The Scorpions" and forced to solve the murder of their leader Marco within 2 days to prevent a gang war with the rivalling "Hogs". He finds out that "Hog" leader Max has a secret romance with Marco's sister Tina.
w. Jack V. Fogarty, d. Leslie H. Martinson
Asher Brauner (Scorpion Leader Duke Moran), John B. Shea (Max Tate, "Magician"), Debra Clinger (Tina Wilson), Scott Edmund Lane (Vic), Kerry Sherman (Sherry Gordon), Paul Comi (Sgt. Joe Dean), Robert Perault (Tony Torres), Virginia Leith (Mrs. Wilson), Sean Michael Rice (Soldier Boone), Grand Bush ("Doc" Evans).

6116. Daughter of Evil (11/03/77) ; PN 7712

While call girl Felice dines with André LeClair her accomplice Harry burglars his emeralds. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company. Lorette Gray, owner of the answering service, refuses to sell to Harry. Her daughter Wendy discovers about the 'business'.
w. Dick Nelson, d. Walter Grauman
Marlyn Mason (Lorette Gray), Chris Robinson (Harry Brenner), Morgan Fairchild (Felice Winters), Elissa Leeds (Wendy Gray, 16 years old), Hubert Noel (André LeClair), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Dave Shelley (Grady, Bartender, Oak Lodge), Rita George (Suzy St. Clair), Maurice Sherbanee (Maurice Dupin), Marguerite Chapman (Operator).
With: Daryle Ann Lindley (Waitress, Oak Lodge), Patrick Skelton (Guard), Kyle Aletter [= Lee Meriwether's Daughter] (Steph, Wendy's friend).

6117. The Captives (11/10/77) ; PN 7701

Attempting to locate Gloria, a runaway wife, Barnaby goes to the small town of Las Mesas, which is deserted due to the fair at Colverton. Earl, Ritchie and Tom plan to rob an armored car tranport. They hold Gloria, the remaining townspeople and Barnaby as captives.
w. Robert Sherman, d. Walter Grauman, m. Duane Tatro
Tiffany Bolling (Gloria Godwin), Geoffrey Lewis (Earl), Mills Watson (Ritchie), Charles Frank (Tom), Eddie Firestone (Mooney), Richard Lockmiller (Curtiss), Raymond Kark (Joe Wiley /Gas Station), Michael Alldredge (Deputy Sheriff Gordon), Donegan Smith (Ron Kirkley), George Ball (Dave /Armoured Truck), Gary Giem (Al, Driver /Armoured Truck).

6118. The Reincarnation (11/17/77) ; PN 7714

Barnaby investigates the death of Dr. Welker, killed by a dropping flower pot at Diane Mangus' party, for the insurance company. Diane thinks that David, the boy friend of her niece Gwen, is the reincarnation of her husband Thomas, murdered 20 years ago.
w. Michael Michaelian, d. Walter Grauman
Salome Jens (Estelle Wilson/ Rosalynn Vickers), Vera Miles (Diane Mangus), John David Carson (David Burke), Deborah White (Gwen Mortlow), John McLiam (Sheriff Anderson), Florida Friebus (Connie Graham), Betty Anne Rees (Miriam Powers, Party Guest), David Lewis (Dr. Edward Welker), Nancy Priddy (Karen Palmer).

6119. Shadow of Fear (11/24/77) ; PN 7713

While repairing the small cottage inherited from her aunt Betty is injured. She is treated by sympathetic doctor Paul Tierney. Paul is pursued by three men who seek revenge because he abandoned them in Vietnam. Betty becomes fond of him and tries to repay the help.
w. Margaret Armen and Alf Harris, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert
Edward Winter (Paul Tierney/ Dwayne Nichols), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Clooney), David Gruner (Will Harper, Mute), Buck Taylor (Foster), Chip Lucia (Stan Evans), Guy Boyd (Reed), Dennis Erdman (George Haskins), Sam Edwards (Harry Spence), John Dullaghan (Lloyd Sampsell), Billy McLean (Tom Jameson).

6120. The Devil's Handmaiden (12/01/77) ; PN 7715

Barnaby investigates the fatal accident of an insurant with double indemnity clause and meets twelve-year-old Julie Tyler, who predicted the death. When Julie tells Barnaby that missing Ferris is also dead, her mother suspects she is in league with the devil.
Teleplay: Mann Rubin, story: Robert C. Dennis, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert
Jenny O'Hara (Katherine Tyler), Stacey Baldwin (Julie Tyler), Art Hindle (Joe Bronson), Macon McCalman (Ned Avery), Claire Brennen (Sarah Proctor), Don Dubbins (Sheriff Mason), Claudia Bryar (Ellen Coogan, Julie's Teacher), Herb Armstrong (Dave Dufferin), Robert Nathan (Donald Wilson), Kevin McKenzie (Ben Dufferin).

6121. Prisoner of Deceit (12/15/77) ; PN 7704

Barnaby is hired solve the death of Jack Crandall who had an affair with young Tracy Wilde. Barnaby finds out that Jack suspected Tracy's considerably older husband Godfrey to be involved in the death of Tracy's wealthy father during a fire twelve years ago.
w. Marc Brandel, d. Leo Penn, m. Nelson Riddle
Laurie Prange (Tracy Wilde), John Reilly (Steve Crandall), Robert Mandan (Godfrey Wilde), Neva Patterson (Lillian Enright), Jack Stauffer (Jack Crandall), John Beal (Stanley Long), Royce Wallace (Selma Lawrence), Janice Carroll (Mrs. Ross).

6122. Deadly Homecoming (22/12/77) ; PN 7711

An old friend, Carmine Sandell, asks Barnaby to find out why his son Joe was killed. When Joe's brother Nick is put to death, too, Tomás Aguilar becomes prime suspect. His sister Linda, just returned to L.A., was once drugged and raped by the young Sandells.
w. Arthur Bernard Lewis, d. Joe Manduke
James Carroll Jordan (Michael Sandell),A Martinez (Tomás Aguilar), Cynthia Avila (Linda Aguilar), Taylor Lacher (Sheriff Simmons), Ford Rainey (Carmine Sandell), Russell Thorson (Dr. Sloane), Roberta Leighton (Donna Morgan), Richard Doughty (Nick Sandell), Stephen Johnson (Joe Sandell), Abel Franco (Victor Cortez).

6123. Child of Danger (12/29/77) ; PN 7709

Don Hopkins, a friend from college, invites Betty for lunch and then suddenly disappears, leaving his son Charlie into her custody. Two ex-fellow prisoners, Jim and Nick, force Don to join them in robbing a coin exchange. Charlie gives Betty clues to locate Don.
w. Mann Rubin, d. Michael Caffey
Michael Hershewe (Charlie Hopkins, 9 years old), Roger Perry (Don Hopkins), Charles Cyphers (Jimmy Dorset), John Kerry (Nick Reynolds), Annina Minotto (Lady Cop), Than Wyenn (Vince Mercer).
With: Michael Masters (2nd Guard), Peter Forster (Waiter), Thom Carney (Proprietor), Paul Sorensen (Guard).

6124. The Scapegoat (01/05/78) ; PN 7710

When discovered while robbing a coin collection Dewey Lassiter, a cocaine addict, kills June. Prime suspect is J.R.'s law school class mate Walt, June's boy friend. To protect his guilty son, famous attorney Gordon Lassiter offers to defend Walt, but frames him.
w. William Keys, d. Walter Grauman
Bernard Barrow (Gordon Lassiter), Andrew Parks (Dewey Lassiter), John Getz (Walter Alberts), John Karlen (Easy Eddie), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Laurel Barnett (June Nelson), John Gilgreen (Smithers), Lillah McCarthy (Nancy Bracken), Joan Roberts (Cindy Stevens), Mary Patton (Louise Dalton).

6125. A Ransom in Diamonds (01/12/78) ; PN 7716

(Intended as pilot movie for a series: "Donaldson and Street")
Warren Christie, manager of a jewelry store, steals several diamonds to ransom his abducted wife but when Stan Donaldson tries to deliver the gems they are robbed. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company and offers his help for a second delivery.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Walter Grauman
Sam Weisman (Stanley Donaldson, Private Detective), Felton Perry (Alexander Street, Attorney), Dennis Patrick (Warren Christie, Diamond Stock Manager), Vincent Baggetta (Dave Harmon, Security Guard), Darrell Fetty (Woody March), Carl Weintraub (Bo Harper), Fawne Harriman (Andrea Christie), Chip Fields (Kelly Johnson), Byron Morrow (Keith Milland), Rozelle Gayle (Rambo, at Jazz Club), Jim Bohan (Pete Grannis, Bartender).
With: Sharon Thomas (Barbara), Gayle Gannes (Gloria), Doug Hume (Doorman).

6126. Prime Target (01/19/78) ; PN 7717

Working under cover J.R. tries to befriend Maggie Revel, a young woman just released from prison. Barnaby and J.R. hope she will lead them to her boy friend Jack and to $400 000 from a robbery. But Jack's betrayed accomplice is also looking for the money.
w. Robert Janes, d Michael Preece
Christopher Stone (Jack), Rebecca Balding (Maggie Revel), Charles Bateman (Herb Porter), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Carole Tru Foster (Ginger), Barney McFadden (Wyatt Perry), Frank Ashmore (Ted Goff), Elaine Princi (Jane Marshall, Maggie's Friend).

6127. The Final Judgment - 2-hour special (01/28/78) ; PN 9012-7701

Shortly before leaving for a fishing trip Barnaby gets a telephone call from a desperate Jennifer Rhodes, whose husband was convicted of kidnapping the Sayers' child eleven years ago due to Barnaby's testimony. Barnaby can rescue her from an attempted suicide. Feeling guilty, he tries to locate a witness for the defense but when the girl Hayley is murdered Barnaby is shattered. He finds out that Gates, a former police detective, covered up for the kidnappers. During a shooting Gates is seriously injured by Barnaby, but his current boss Kingman doesn't show much efforts to help him.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Walter Grauman
Dabney Coleman (Ted Sayers), Bradford Dillman (Gordon Kingman), Marj Dusay (Jennifer Allen/ Rhodes), Sherry Jackson (Erica Hughes), Susan Sullivan (Linda Gates), Robert Webber (Gene Gates), Gina Alvarado (Maid at Motel), Hank Brandt (Dan Rhodes), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Jill Choder (Hayley Winters, Witness), Tony Colti (Mike Wolfe), Hal England (Phil Anderson, Reporter), Eugene Peterson (Leo Krell).
With: Carl Mathis Craig (Taxi Cab Driver), John Davey (Officer Portland), Kathleen Doyle (Millie, Gates' Maid), Harvey Fisher (Waiter), Bill Meigs (Banker), Steve Shaw (Stevie Sayers), Artie Spain (Joe).

6128. Uninvited Peril (02/02/78) ; PN 7719

A desperate mother, Verna Davis, requests Betty's help to find her missing son, Duane. Betty does not know that he is an escaped criminally insane killer. She locates Duane, who is seriously injured by a bullet. Verna abducts a doctor and forces him to help.
w. & d. Robert Sherman
Jacqueline Scott (Verna Compton/ "Davis"), Michael Strong (Stuart Compton/ "Davis"), Michael Horton (Duane Pierson), Lisle Wilson (David Oxford, Medic), Lee Bryant (Miss Ross, Nurse), Dick Bakalyan (Winchell), John Carter (Lt. Biddle).

6129. Terror on a Quiet Afternoon (02/09/78) ; PN 7720

Amy Vickers is harassed by rejected admirer Mitchell Grady II and calls Barnaby for help. When J.R. accompanies Amy to visit her father at the hospital they end up in a nightmare: After a car pursuit they hide in a cabin and Mitch throws incendiary bombs.
w. Jack V. Fogarty, d. Walter Grauman
Dee Wallace (Amy Vickers), John de Lancie (Mitchell Grady II), Elliott Street (Felix), Chris Mulkey (Curt Davis), Laurence Haddon (George Vickers), Randolph Roberts (Deputy Pete Holden), Chris Dickinson (Linda Parker), Glenn Sipes (Al Taylor).

6130. The Coronado Triangle (03/02/78) ; PN 7718

Barnaby goes to San Diego to help Glen Wilcox who suspects that several yachts that disappeared in the "Coronado Triangle" were hijacked. Dawn, only survivor of a recent disaster, claims to have seen a giant whirlpool. She covers Lloyd, one of the highjackers.
Teleplay by Norman Jolley based upon a story by Brigitt and Jon Christiansen, d. Walter Grauman
Bonnie Ebsen [= Buddy Ebsen's Daughter] (Dawn Carlson), Charles Siebert (Gary Brock), Michael Zaslow (Sheldon Lloyd), Alex Colon (José), Len Wayland (Glen Wilcox), Denny Miller (Dixon), Pamela Murphy (Mary Lloyd), Robert Patten (Dr. Lincoln Bishop), Read Morgan (Skipper), Clint Young (Fred Hines), Jeanne Bates (Martha Hines), Stephen Coit (Member).

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Producer: Philip Saltzman
In Charge of Talent: John Conwell
Executive Editorial Supervisor: Richard Brockway
Associate Producer: Robert Sherman
Executive Story Editor: Norman Jolley
Directors of Photography: William W. Spencer, A.S.C. (6110-6120, 6122-6130), Harry May (6121).
Theme by Jerry Goldsmith.
Music Supervisor: John Elizalde.
Production Managers: Fred Ahern (6110-6117, 6119, 6121-6124, 6127), Dick Gallegly (6118, 6120, 6125, 6126, 6128-6130).
Developed for Television by Edward Hume
Executive Production Manager: Edward Teets (6110-6124, 6127)
Art Director: Richard Berger
Post Production Supervisor: Don Hall
Editors: Donald Hoskinson (6110, 6114, 6119-6123, 6126-6129), James Gross (6111-6113, 6117), Fabien Tordjmann (6115, 6116, 6118, 6124, 6125, 6130).
Music Editor: Ken Wilhoit (6127)
Sound Editor: Chick Camera (6127)
Assistant Directors: Charles R. Scott, Jr. (6110, 6114, 6119-6123, 6126-6128), Paul Wurtzel (6111-6113, 6115-6118, 6124), Skip Beaudine (6125, 6129, 6130).
Set Decorators: Ralph Nelson (6110, 6111, 6113, 6115, 6116, 6118-6120, 6122- 6130), Robert George Freer (6112, 6114, 6117, 6121).
Consideration Furnished by The Ford Motor Company for Appearance of its Automobiles
In Charge of Production: Marty Katz (6110-6124, 6127), Fred Ahern (6125, 6126, 6128-6130).
A QM Production
Filmed at the Samuel Goldwyn Studio

Broadcast by CBS
Worldvision Enterprises Inc., a Taft Broadcasting Company

Credits were taken from the TV title and end credits of "Barnaby Jones". Many names were double-checked for correct spelling. Thanks to US Internet Movie Database.

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