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The CBS series Barnaby Jones is a Quinn Martin Production

w. = writer, d. = director, m. = music (composer).

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Season Eight (1979/80)

8155. Man on Fire (09/20/79) ; PN 7904

When designer and co-owner Chris Alden is killed in a fire at a company producing swimwear Barnaby investigates on Alden's life insurance policy. He meets his old friend, fire insurance agent Jim Parks, not knowing that in the need of money to help his ill wife Parks collaborates with arsonist Lucas Ives.
w. Jack V. Fogarty, d. Seymour Robbie, m. Duane Tatro
Gary Lockwood (Jim Parks), Michael Strong (Harry Norton), Burr deBenning (Lucas Ives), Suzanne Reed (Cindy Mills), Ellen Geer (Ruth Parks), Kristine DeBell (Rita Wallace), Woodrow Parfrey (John Wilson), Robert Doyle (Ed Brady), Frank Campanella (Gil Davis), William Beckley (Christopher Alden).

8156. Nightmare in Hawaii (2-hour special) (09/27/79) ; PN 9012-7901

In order to help his friend Andy Spencer J. R. travels to Maui, Hawaii, but he experiences a nightmare: At the meeting-place J. R. is found with a stabbed dope pusher, Andy disavows him and police Lt. Walt Abbott finds marihuana and money in J. R.'s bag. Barnaby and Betty arrive in aid of the framed J.R., but due to an old grudge Abbott denies any help. J. R. succeeds in escaping from prison and tries to meet Andy, who is killed. Barnaby finds out that Michael, Andy's brother, is involved in smuggling drugs in pineapple boxes, competing with dangerous Terry Shaw. Toni, Michael's sister tries to save J.R.'s life.
w. Robert Sherman, d. Michael Caffey, m. Richard Markowitz
Tom Mason (Michael Spencer), Tim O'Connor (Lt. Walt Abbott), Devon Ericson (Toni Spencer), Dan O'Herlihy (Philip Spencer), Richard Lynch (Terry Shaw), Ben Masters (Andy Spencer), Charles Tyner (Sam Finney), Tara Buckman (Linda Wolsey), Lyle Bettger (Capt. Groden), Victoria Young (Sally), Bob Basso (Henry Doran), Danny Kamekona (Hirito), Michael Vedrell (Lars Jenson).
With: Kima Kahoano (Ivan), Christerpher Neddels (Alex Stone), Harry Chang (Lopata), Larry Duran (Joe Kamani), Bernard Ching (Jail Guard #2), Kathy Paulo (Miss McKay), Ed Fernandez (Custodian), Ernest Chan (Officer Lelana), Elissa Dulce (Hostess), Robert Silva (Officer Daggett), Barton McCollough (Jail Guard #1).

8157. A Desperate Pursuit (10/11/79) ; PN 7902

Shortly after Betty handed over some files to boxing promoter Vince Ferrari he falls to death from his balcony. Betty suspects murder and as a key witness she does not only meet reporter Tom Powers but is threatened by a blonde woman, whom the prime suspect saw at Ferrari's apartment.
w. Norman Jolley, d. Seymour Robbie, m. Bruce Broughton
Cesare Danova (Vince Ferrari), Jack Ging (Reporter Tom Powers, "Early Dispatch"), Geoffrey Scott (Harry Scott), Harold Sylvester (Jim Haller), Terrence O'Connor (Shelley Donan), Herman Poppe (Officer Bob Cory), Art Aragon (Fuzzy Moore), Sean Griffin (George Gibson), J.J. Johnston (Donan, Bartender), Harvey Fisher (Charlie, Attendant), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).
With: Gareth McClain (Deputy), Don Furneaux (Allen Graham).

8158. Design For Madness (10/18/79) ; PN 7905

Unbalanced widow Amy Cameron, Barnaby's niece, is suspected to have shot Clark Harrison, but cannot remember. After Amy's attempted suicide Barnaby analyzes her blood and finds traces of a hypnotic drug, producing black-outs. He uncovers a scheme involving Amy's house keeper Mary.
w. Dick Nelson, d. Dennis Donnelly, m. Mauro Bruno
Lynn Carlin (Mary Baines), Julie Sommars (Amy Cameron), William Kirby Cullen (Doug), Richard Doyle (Alan Simmons), Regis J. Cordic (Clark Harrison), Nancy Conrad (Samantha), Saundra Sharp (Nurse Denning), Howard Culver (Dr. Webner), Don Diamond (Charlie, Sheriff).

8159. Girl on the Road (10/25/79) ; PN 7903

Linda, a friend of J. R.'s from Chicago, asks him to find her run-away sister Jenny. Jenny gets into trouble when she sees drugged rock-star Randy March and the red dress of a dead woman. J. R. tries to protect Jenny as Randy's companions pursue the supposed witness.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert, m. Don Bagley
Julie Hill (Jennifer Lawrence), Michael Durrell (Ted Richman), Martin Kove (Stan Benson), Robin Strand (Randy March), Gail Edwards (Karen Webster), Anne Sward (Linda Rawlings), Maidie Norman (Rose).
With: Sean Michael Rice (Young Man), Alan Wedner (Balloon Vendor), John Touchstone (Morgue Attendant).

8160. Indoctrination in Evil (11/01/79) ; PN 7906

While trying to seduce and drug young Jeanny for the white-slavery market Les Harmon and Al De Paris accidentally kill her. Barnaby searches for her, but Mr. Adamson, owner of a lodge, seems to conceal information. Betty, working undercover at the lodge, finds out about a blackmailing.
w. Gerald Sanford, d. Leo Penn, m. Ralph Kessler
Dabney Coleman (Brad Adamson), Marshall Colt (Les Harmon), Debi Richter (Sally Marshall), David Darlow (Al De Paris), Roberta Leighton (Jeanny Larkin), Doris Dowling (Miss Kelly), Wayne Heffley (Carl Larkin), Danny Dayton (Freddy), John McCann (Bartender), Lisa Loring (Amanda Adamson).

8161. Homecoming for a Dead Man (11/08/79) ; PN 7910

At the Olympic gymnastic tryouts for young Kim Barnaby recognizes her father Richard Gibson, a man presumed dead after robbing the coin exchange ten years ago. While Barnaby is trying to find a ghost, accomplice Jordan orders Gibson alias Simmons to get rid of the private detective.
w. Jack B. Sowards, d. Bruce Kessler, m. Ralph Kessler
Linda Cristal (Patricia Simmons), Ed Nelson (Richard Gibson/ Ed Simmons), William Smithers (Felix Jordan), Jennifer Holmes (Kim Gibson), Patricia Smith (Helen).
With: Bob Frank (Jimmy), Joann Hicks (Room Clerk).

8162. False Witness (11/29/79) ; PN 7908

Betty's friend Leslie Jessup is raped near Webster House and identifies the first comer suspect, Eddie Tucker, as the culprit. As Betty believes Tucker is innocent she investigates, searching for more victims and witnesses. But the true rapist places more clues to incriminate Eddie.
w. Paul Robert Coyle, d. Winrich Kolbe, m. Nathan Scott
Lynnette Mettey (Leslie Jessup), Chip Lucia (Eddie Tucker), Robert Davi (Pete Cerilla), Tony Eisley (Dr. Nathan Jessup), Paul Mantee (Jay Tucker), Mimi Lieber (Gita), Jean Rasey (Elaine), Monika Ramirez (Petrona Perez), M.G. Kelly (Officer), John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
With: R.D. Call (Walsh), Deborah Chaffin (Angela Dwyer), Jaison Walker (Eric), Jason Laskay (Resident Doctor).

8163. School of Terror (12/20/79) ; PN 7909

At Fresh Start Academy, a drug rehabilitation school for young addicts, counselor Frank discovers dope smuggling. He is killed and blamed. To find the real culprit J. R. goes undercover as "Jim Tanner", replacement for Frank. He finds out that Glenn Morgan, another counselor, is involved.
w. William Keys, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert
Ed Harris (Glenn Morgan), Alex Courtney (Milt Edwards), Madeleine Stowe (Diane), Michael Mullins (Peter Chestane), Bill Beyers (Clifford Connors), John Witherspoon (Frank Wales), Kati Powell (Barbara {Bobby} Whitaker), Sean Penn (Sam).
With: Dick Miller (Deputy Crawford), Buddy Ochoa (David {Davie}Collie), Margaret Shinn (Nurse Adams).

8164. Cry for Vengeance (12/27/79) ; PN 7913

To warn their father Tom Avila masked Tony Sierra assaults Tina and Jimmy, resulting in Jimmy's death. Tom is an early retired cop, whose enforcement group hampers the extortions of the "dominios" street gang. His friend Barnaby prevents him from taking revenge.
w. Robert I. Holt, d. Allen Baron, m. Frank Denson
A Martinez (Tony Sierra), Carlos Rivas (Tom[ás] Avila), Skip Homeier (Sheriff Fred Wilcox), Anna Navarro (Maria Avila), Ernesto Macias (Charles Julio Moreno), Tony Plana (Peter Sinestra), Chu Chu Malave (Vince Figueroa), Alberto Morin (Albert Allende), Anna Garduño (Tina Avila).
With: Richard Cansino (Jimmy Avila), Gerald Castillo (David Alvarado, Enforcement Group).

8165. Run to Death (01/03/80) ; PN 7914

Betty investigates as she cannot believe that her friend, theater agent Larry Collins, died from a heart attack while jogging. She finds out that Larry had an affair with his assistant Anita, but suddenly married actress Jessica. When colleague Krueger finds out about Anita's embezzlement, she kills him, and Jessica is the suspect.
w. John Donley and Linda Fortney, d. John Carter, m. Duane Tatro
Patti D'Arbanville (Jessica Collins), Claudette Nevins (Anita Parks), Michael Lerner (Albert Krueger), Connie Sawyer (Manager), Eugene Peterson (Larry Collins), Marlene Clark (Bank Clerk), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).
With: Holly Smith (Secretary/ Receptionist), Derrel Maury (Jogger), Pilar del Rey (Luisa)

8166. The Price of Anger (01/10/80) ; PN 7915

J.R.'s law school friend Wes Carter supplements his government grant by driving taxi. When one of Wes' passengers is stabbed and leaves a coat with $100 000 in the taxi, suspect Wes flees, fearing racial discrimination. J.R finds out about illegal campaign contributions to a senator.
w. Albert Aley, d. Larry Elikann, m. Charles Hoover
Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Wes Carter), Allan Miller (George Andersen), Lara Parker (Christine Lennox), Pat Corley (Sam Powell), Percy Rodriguez (Joe Frazee), Albert Popwell (Jacklin), John Davey (Harry Towler), Laurence Haddon (Howard Millikin), Michael Irving (Senator Bob Stewart), Barbara Trentham (Newscaster).
With: Pamela Jones (Susan), Rhoda Williams (Woman With Dog), Margie Haber (Receptionist)

8167. The Killing Point (01/17/80) ; PN 7901

During his investigations to find millionaire Kirkland's girl friend Ursula P.I. Gannus is shot, because he "knows too much". He asks his old friend Barnaby for help. Ursula steals items from Kirkland's art collection and her accomplice Nick smuggles them. Gannus wants to get a piece of the action by extortion.
w. Robert W. Lenski, d. Michael Preece, m. John Elizalde
Geoffrey Lewis (Waldon "Wally" Gannus), Joshua Bryant (Alex Harmon), Randi Oakes (Ursula Brown), Beau Kayzer (Nick Fallon), Charles Macauley (J. Latimer Kirkland), Lester C. Fletcher (Marley Nettle), Gary Vinson (Wrecker-Driver), Tony Colti (Bartender Harry), Loanne Bishop (Laurie), Robert Miano (Hit-Man), Anne Gerety (Woman Aid).

8168. Focus on Fear (01/31/80) ; PN 7907

Fashion photographer Gwen Haywood is assaulted by a man who steals all the negatives of her photos taken at Rosewood Airfield and blinds her with acetic acid. Barnaby tries to restore a photo from a damaged frame that shows an airplane that crashed. He and J.R. uncover an insurance fraud.
w. Jack V. Fogarty, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert, m. Lance Rubin
Kelly Harmon (Laurie), Pamela Franklin (Gwen Haywood), Jerry Douglas (Paul Ramsey), Michael Baseleon (Miller), Carl Franklin (Willie Evans), Shauna Sullivan (Susan Ashford), Richard John Miller (Trip Nelson), Calvin Bartlett (Tim Collins).

8169. Murder in the Key of C (02/07/80) ; PN 7918

Connie Hollister is a musician working as a waitress. Her "manager" and friend Billy goes to Singleton and Devine Promotions to get her songs published. When they try to cheat him, he is killed. Connie asks Barnaby to find Billy, while Devine needs Connie's signature.
w. Robert I. Holt, d. Michael Caffey, m. Nan Schwartz
"Wind Song" and "Young Girl" words and music by Bonnie Ebsen and Bruce Jackson.
Bonnie Ebsen [Buddy Ebsen's Daughter] (Connie Hollister), Andrew Robinson (Phil Devine), Kip Niven (Teddy Singleton), Fred Sadoff (Mickey Jarvis), Kevin O'Brien (Billy Smith), Sondra Currie (Ruby), Jimmie Rodgers (himself), Kay St. Germain (Martha Wallace), Ty Henderson (Parking Attendant), Jeff Harlan (Dan Weller), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).

8170. Killer Without a Name (02/14/80) ; PN 7916

On a cruise to Costa Grande Betty Jones fell for Steven McCarthy. When returning, she is told he was murdered, but the dead one is someone else. Betty finds out that "Steven's" real name is Frank Winslow, who sympathizes with people trying to overthrow the dictator of Costa Grande.
w. David P. Harmon, d. Kenneth C. Gilbert, m. John Elizalde
Camilla Sparv (Louise Winslow), Peter Haskell (Steven McCarthy/ Frank Winslow), Carlos Romero (Carlos), Rene Enriquez (Juan Diavolos), Victor Mohica (Renaldo), Maria Grimm (Felicia), Paul Comi (Harry Keller), Kyle Aletter [Lee Meriwether's Daughter] (Irene Edwards, Bank Clerk), Marion Charles (Donna), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).

8171. Death is the Punchline (02/21/80) ; PN 7917

The appearance of comedian Lindy Powell, friend of J.R.'s, at the Caravan Club results in a big disappointment and a quarrel between him and club owner Chapman. When Chapman is murdered, Lindy is the prime suspect. Loan shark La Palma also had a motive for killing.
w. Paul Robert Coyle, d. Dick Lowry, m. Duane Tatro
Ed Begley, Jr. (Lindy Powell), Virginia Kiser (Eileen Chapman), Carl Weintraub (Dennis Shea), Robin G. Eisenman (June Easton), Pat Delany (Joanne [Phillips] Randall), Edward Walsh (Jack La Palma), J. Don Ferguson (Ross Chapman), Robert Lussier (Chuck Parkins), John Dresden (Kovic, La Palma's Driver), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).

8172. The Final Victim (03/06/80) ; PN 7920

Being on hustler heading unwittingly young Susan Cooper tries to hitch-hike, is mistaken for a prostitute and accidentally killed by judge David Kingsley. Susan's father asks Barnaby to clear her name. During his investigations Barnaby meets "Chronicle" reporter Walt DiAngelo, a friend of Kingsley's.
Teleplay: Robert Sherman, story: Robert Sherman and Philip Saltzman, d. Robert Sherman, m. Ralph Kessler
Linden Chiles (David Kingsley), Harry Guardino (Walt W. DiAngelo), Allan Hunt (Tom Gibson), Hilary Thompson (Gypsy), Laurette Spang (Lucy), Lori Lethin (Susan Cooper), Charles Lampkin (Benny), Len Wayland (Joe Cooper), Rosanna Huffman (Gwen Kingsley), Philip Pine (Dick Denfield), Katherine Hearne (Julia Brooks), Bill Zuckert (Lou, Guard), Dwan Smith (Dolly), William Giorgio (Andy), Barbara Perry (Mitzi), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).

8173. The Silent Accuser (03/13/80) ; PN 7911

Judy Corbett works at Radburn School to help her autistic child Jimmy. This dedication ruined her marriage with Roy. Shortly before she can meet her friend Betty she is murdered. The only witness is Darlene, another autistic child. Betty tries to get access to Darlene's world to find out about the murderer.
w. Carolyn See and Jackie Joseph, d. Graeme Clifford, m. Duane Tatro
Anjanette Comer (Vivian Harper), Robert Hogan (Roy Corbett), Ellinor Donahue (Judy Corbett), James O'Sullivan (Frank Harper), Warren Stevens (Dr. Robert Mason), Elizabeth Hoy (Darlene Wright), Stephen Coit (Dr. Radburn), Jackie Joseph (Grace Carpenter), Samantha Caulfield (Jean McClure), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).
With: Stuart Nisbet (Policeman), Clara Sturak (Clara Carpenter), George Sawaya (Driver).

8174. Deadline for Murder (03/27/80) ; PN 7912

When writer Al Geiger at Luxor Publishing Company reports incriminating evidence against Luxor's niece Jackie, Steve Webber suggests him to hire Barnaby. After meeting Barnaby Geiger is found dead. J.R. investigates and finds out that Ralph Luxor's business advisor Wells Thompson posed as "Barnaby".
w. Larry Alexander, d. Lewis Teague
Maggie Cooper (Jackie Luxor), Carmine Caridi (Wells Thompson), Roger Perry (Steve Webber), Alex Henteloff (Al Geiger), Dick De Coit (Curt Astin), Stephen Brooks (David Shaw), John Zaremba (Ralph Luxor), Jenny Sherman (Billie Dawson), Teri Ralston (Clara Geiger), Robert DoQui (The Painter), Lewis Charles (Nick Arnold), Alice Backes (Lillian Bennoit).
With: John Gilgreen (Sam Touhey, Security), Clarke Lindsley (Eddie Fearson)

8175. The Killin’ Cousin (04/03/80) ; PN 7919
(Unsold pilot movie for “Tarkington“)

Betty's cousin once removed, Donald Forest, asks her to investigate the death of his father, but before they can meet he is killed. William Tarkington IV and V, private detectives, think Betty is the prime suspect, who wants the inheritance of her great aunt Emily. When Betty is also threatened they change their mind.
w. Norman Jolley, d. Michael Preece, m. Will Schaefer
Kenneth Mars (William Tarkington IV), Thomas Havens (William Tarkington V, "Billy"), Lurene Tuttle (Betty's Great Aunt Emily Carter), Mark Goddard (Roger Clark), Lory Walsh (Karen Bigelow), Julie Rogers (Sara Clark), Madeleine Fisher (Jennifer Hunt), Frank Ashmore (Donald Forest), John Steadman (Reggie), John Carter (Lt. John Biddle).


Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Philip Saltzman
Producer: Robert Sherman
In Charge of Talent: John Conwell
Executive Editorial Supervisor: Richard Brockway
Executive Story Consultant: Norman Jolley
Directors of Photography: William W. Spencer A.S.C. (8155-8156, 8158-61, 8163, 8165- 8175), Roland Ozzie Smith (8157), Bradley B. Six (8162), Richard A. Kelley A.S.C. (8164).
Theme: Jerry Goldsmith
Music Supervisor: John Elizalde
Developed for Television: Edward Hume
Production Managers: Paul Wurtzel (8155, 8157- 8175), Charles R. Scott, Jr. (8156).
1st Assistant Directors: John Neukum (8155, 8157, 8160-8162), Bill Carroll (8156), Skip Beaudine (8158, 8159, 8163, 8164, 8166-8168, 8171, 8175), Michael Lawrence Blum (8165, 8169, 8170, 8172, 8174).
2nd Assistant Directors: Ramiro Jaloma (8155, 8157, 8159, 8167), Venita Ozols (8156), Kevin Cremin (8158, 8160-8166, 8168-8175).
Art Directors: John P. Bruce (8155, 8157-8175), George B. Chan (8156).
Editors: Chuck McClelland (8155, 8160-8162, 8165, 8166, 8169, 8170, 8174), Harry Kaye A.C.E. (8156, 8157), Geoffrey Rowland (8158, 8159, 8163, 8164, 8167, 8168, 8171, 8175), Donald Hoskinson (8172).
Music Editor: Dave Cates (8156)
Sound Editor: Jack Schrader (8156)
Casting Directors: Lane Allan (8155, 8158-5166, 8168-8175), Tom Palmer (8156, 8157, 8167).
Post Production Supervisor: Don Hall (8155-8175)
Set Decorators: Bob Gullickson (8155), Wally White (8156), Ralph Nelson (8157, 8159, 8167), Joanne C. MacDougall (8158), Ethel Richards (8160-8166, 8168-8175).
Consideration Furnished by Ford Motor Company for Appearance of its Automobiles
In Charge of Production: Fred Ahern
A Woodruff Production in Association With QM Productions (A Taft Broadcasting Company)

Broadcast by CBS
Worldvision Enterprises Inc., a Taft Broadcasting Company

Credits were taken from the TV title and end credits of "Barnaby Jones". Many names were double-checked for correct spelling. Thanks to US Internet Movie Database.

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