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Buddy Ebsen
Filmography Ia: Theatrical Movies
TitleStudioRelease m/yRole
Broadway Melody of 1936 MGM9/1935 Ted Burke
Captain January20th C. Fox4/1936Paul Roberts
Born to Dance MGM11/1936"Mush" Tracy
Banjo on my Knee20th C. Fox12/1936Buddy
Broadway Melody of 1938MGM8/1937Peter Trot
The Girl of the Golden WestMGM3/1938"Alabama"
Yellow JackMGM5/1938"Jellybeans"
My Lucky Star20th C. Fox9/1938Buddy
Four Girls in WhiteMGM1/1939"Express"
The Kid From TexasMGM4/1939"Snifty" Edwards
[The Wizard of Oz]MGM1939[Tin Woodman]
[bits of voice only]
They Met in ArgentinaRKO5/1941Duke Ferrel
Parachute BattalionRKO7?/1941Jeff Hollis
Sing Your Worries AwayRKO1/1942Tommy Jones
Under Mexicali StarsRepublic11/1950Homer Oglethorpe
Silver City BonanzaRepublic3/1951Gabriel Horne
Thunder in God´s CountryRepublic4/1951Happy Hooper
The Rodeo King and the SenoritaRepublic7/1951Muscles Benton
Utah Wagon TrainRepublic10/1951Snooper Trent
Red GartersParamount2-3/1954Ginger Pete
Night People 20th C. Fox 3-4/1954 Sgt. "Eddie" McColloch
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier Disney1955 George Russel
Compilation of: Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter; D.C. Goes to Congress; D.C. at the Alamo
Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Disney 1955/56 George Russel
Compilation of Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race, Davy Crockett and the River Pirates
Attack UA 9/1956 Sergeant Tolliver
Between Heaven and Hell 20th C. Fox10/1956Willie Crawford
Frontier Rangers (Compilation of 3
episodes of TV series Northwest Passage)
MGM 1959 Sgt. Hunk Marriner
Fury River (Compilation of 3 episodes
of TV series Northwest Passage)
MGM 1959 Sgt. Hunk Marriner
Mission of Danger (Compilation of 3
episodes of TV series Northwest Passage)
MGM 1959 Sgt. Hunk Marriner
Breakfast at Tiffany´sPararamount10/1961Doc Golightly
The Interns Columbia 6-8/1962 Dr. Sidney Wohl
Mail Order Bride (West of Montana) MGM11/1963 (3/64) Will Lane
The One and Only, Genuine, Original
Family Band
Disney 3/1968 Calvin Bower
The Beverly Hillbillies20th C. Fox10/1993Barnaby Jones

Buddy Ebsen
Filmography Ib: Telefilms (Movies Made for Television)
TitleNetworkAir Date m/d/yRole
The Daughters of Joshua CabeABC09/13/1972Joshua Cabe
Horror at 37,000 Feet CBS 02/13/1973 Glenn Farlee
Tom Sawyer CBS 03/23/1973 Muff Potter
The President's Plane is Missing CBS 10/23/1973 Vice President Kermit Madigan
Smash-Up on Interstate FiveABC12/03/1976Al Pearson
Leave Yesterday Behind ABC05/14/1978Doc Stallings
The Bastard (Mini series)synd. 05/22-23/1978Benjamin Edes
The Critical List [2-part telefilm
(unsold pilot movie)]
NBC09/11-12/1978Charles Sprague
The Paradise Connection
(produced by Ebsen)
CBS 09/15/1979 Stuart Douglas
The Return of the Beverly HillbilliesCBS10/06/1981Jed Clampett
Fire on the Mountain NBC 11/23/1981 John Vogelin
Stone Fox NBC 03/30/1987 Grandpa
Working Trash FOX 11/26/1990 Vandevere Lodge

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