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Buddy Ebsen
Filmography IIa: TV Series (Role as a Regular)
Title of SeriesNetworkAir Date m/d/y[Episode Title]Role
Disneyland ABC 12/15/1954 Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter George Russel
Disneyland ABC 01/26/1955 Davy Crockett Goes to Congress George Russel
Disneyland ABC 02/23/1955 Davy Crockett at the Alamo George Russel
Disneyland ABC 11/16/1955 Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race George Russel
Disneyland ABC 12/14/1955 Davy Crockett and the River Pirates George Russel
Mickey Mouse Club ABC 01/30/1956 - 02/24/1956 Corky and the White Shadow
17 episodes
Sheriff Matt Brady
Northwest Passage NBC 09/14/1958 - 09/07/1959 26 episodes Sgt. Hunk Marriner
The Beverly HillbilliesCBS09/26/1962 - 09/07/1971274 episodesJed Clampett
Barnaby Jones CBS 01/28/ 1973 - 09/04/1980 175 episodes Barnaby Jones
Matt Houston ABC 09/21/1984 - 09/29/1985 3rd season: 23 episodes Roy Houston

Buddy Ebsen
Filmography IIb: TV Guest Starring
Title of SeriesNetworkAir Date m/d/yEpisode TitleRole
Chevrolet on Broadway NBC01/10/1949 Goodbye to Larry K. ?
Elmer Fix ? mid-late 1949unsold TV pilotwritten by Ebsen
Gruen Guild Playhouse synd. 05/08/1952 Al Haddon's Lamp The Genie
Broadway Television Theatre synd.07/01?/1952 Burlesque Skid Johnson
Broadway Television Theatre synd.10/27/1952 The Nervous Wreck Henry Williams
Broadway Television Theatre synd.11/10/1952 Seven Keys to Baldpate ?
Broadway Television Theatre synd.1952 For Love or Money ?
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars synd. 11/21/1952 The Pussyfootin' Rocks (double role)
Twilight Theatre
Stars Over Hollywood
CBS 06/22/1953 Nor Gloom of Nights ?
Omnibus CBS 03/07/1954 The House
(by John Steinbeck)
Studio '57 synd. 04/29/1956 My Baby Boy ?
Screen Director's Playhouse NBC 06/13/1956 Every Man Has Two Wives Fred
Climax! CBS 01/03/1957 Carnival at Midnight Ben
Lux Video (Theatre)NBC 02/07/1957 The Undesirable Paul
Climax! CBS 10/24/1957 Tunnel of Fear Gaffney,
Irish sandhog
Playhouse 90 CBS 03/29/1959 A Trip to Paradise (tough but
understanding cop)
Playhouse 90 CBS 07/23/1959 Free Weekend ?
Maverick ABC 10/11/1959 The Cats of Paradise Sheriff Scratch Mannon
Desilu Playhouse
CBS 12/04/1959 The Hanging Judge Brett Malone
Bonanza NBC 12/12/1959 The Sisters Sheriff Jesse Sanders
Black Saddle ABC 03/11/1960 The Apprentice Gurney Rhodes
Rawhide CBS 04/01/1960 Incident of the Stargazer Will Kinch
Tales of Wells Fargo NBC 04/18/1960 Dead Man's Street Dan Ferguson
Johnny Ringo CBS 04/28/1960 The Killing Bug Matt Semple
General. Electric Theatre CBS 10/30/1960 The Graduation Dress Pa Jerico
Riverboat NBC 11/07/1960 The Water at Gorgeous Springs Niles Cox
Bronco (Cheyenne) ABC 11/07/1960 Apache Treasure Sergeant Cass
Maverick ABC 11/20/1960 The Maverick Line Rumsey Plumb
Gunsmoke CBS 12/24/1960 Old Fool Hannibal Bass
Maverick CBS 02/12/1961 Last Stop: Oblivion Nero Lyme
77 Sunset Strip ABC 03/17/1961 Open and Close in One Baxter Kellogg
The Twilight Zone CBS 03/24/1961 The Prime Mover Jimbo Cobb
Gunslinger CBS 04/13/1961 Golden Circle Jed Spangler
Have Gun - Will Travel CBS 04/15/1961 El Paso Stage Sheriff Elmo Crane
The Barbara Stanwyck Show NBC 05/08/1961 Little Big Mouth Dr. Mark Carroll
Gunsmoke CBS 10/28/1961 All That Print Quimby
Bus Stop ABC 11/12/1961 Cherie Virge Blessing
The Andy Griffith Show CBS 11/13/1961 Opie's Hobo Friend David Browne
Have Gun - Will Travel CBS 11/25/1961 The Brothers Bram Holden
Bus Stop ABC 11/26/1961 The Man From Bootstrap Virge Blessing
Adventures in Paradise ABC 12/03/1961 One- Way Ticket Ben Curtis
Rawhide CBS 03/02/1962 The Pitchwagon George Stimson
Tales of Wells Fargo NBC 03/31/1962 To Kill a Town ?
Westinghouse Presents CBS 04/17/1962 That's Whither the Town's Going ?
Checkmate CBS 06/13/1962 Side by Side ?
Mr Kingston ? 1963/64? Trouble in Paradise
(unsold pilot)
Hollywood Television Theatre PBS 05/17/1970 The Andersonville Trial Dr. John C. Bates
Hawaii Five-O ABC 10/05/1971 3000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu Prof. Ambrose Pierce
Gunsmoke CBS 11/22/1971 Drago Drago
Bonanza NBC 01/16/1972 The Saddle Stiff Cactus Murphy
Night Gallery NBC 01/26/1972 The Waiting Room Doc Soames
Alias Smith and Jones ABC 02/24/1972 What's in it for Mia? George Austin
Alias Smith and Jones ABC 09/ 23/1972 High Lonesome Country Phil Archer
Cannon CBS 09/17/1975 Deadly Conspiracy
part 1
Barnaby Jones
Hardcastle and McCormick ABC 11/06/1983 Killer B's himself
This Is the Life synd. ?/1984 Mountain Man Go Home ?
The Yellow Rose NBC 01/14/1984 Deadline Toat Gilmer
The Love Boat Fall Preview ABC 09/15/1984 special ?
Finder of Lost Loves ABC 11/17/1984 Old Friends Walter Lewis
Disney Family Album DIS 12/02/1985 reminiscing Davy Crockett himself
CBS Summer Playhouse CBS 08?/07/1987 The Time of Their Lives
(unsold TV pilot)
Buddy Tucker
The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies CBS 05/24/1993 CBS retrospective Jed Clampett
Burke's Law ABC 01/21/1994 Who Killed Nick Hazard? Louis Pike

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