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Buddy Ebsen
Filmography IIIa: Stage Work
Title of PlayDate m/yRoleNotes
Present Arms 1928(marine) Broadway: first try lasted 6 days
Whoopee 1928-1930 Chorus Boy Ziegfeld Revue: Broadway and tour
Benny Davis "Broadway Stars of the Future" 1930-1932 (dancer) Vaudeville tour
Flying Colors 1932-1933 (dancer) Broadway show
Ziegfeld Follies of 1934 1934 (dancer) Broadway show
Yokel Boy 1939 Elmer Whipple Broadway show
The Male Animal 1941 Prof. Tommy Turner Summer Strawhat Circuit
Good Night Ladies 1942-1943 Prof. John Matthews Comedy farce, Chicago
Showboat 1/1946-1/1947 Frank Broadway revival
Mr. Roberts 1947 Douglas Roberts Summer stock replacement
The Male Animal 1947 Prof. Tommy Turner extended tour
Honest John 8/1950 (young contractor) Play written by Ebsen (N.Y.)
The Male Animal 1952-1953 Prof. Tommy Turner Revival/ summer stock
Take Her, She's Mine 1960 Frank Michaelson? Comedy
Our Town sixties ? ---
The Champagne General 1965, 1973 [Abraham Lincoln] Ebsen as playwright, producer, (actor?)
The Apple of His Eye 1970, 1-2/1971 Sam Stover (St. Paul; Cleveland)
Turn to the Right 3/ 1981 --- Ebsen as producer of a musical
Division Street 5/ 1982 ??? Producer/ theater
Cabaret Dada 1982/1983 --- Ebsen as producer of a musical
The Best Man 10-11/ 1987 Arthur Hockstader Ahmanson Theatre,
Los Angeles
Carousel 198?? ? Musical

Buddy Ebsen
Filmography IIIb: TV Variety Shows, TV Talk Shows
Title of ShowNetworkAir Date m/d/yType of ShowNotes
The Ed Wynn Show CBS 12/31/1949 Comedy Variety Other guest star: Hattie McDaniel
All Star Revue NBC 11/17?/1951 Comedy Variety Host: Danny Thomas
Other guest stars: Kay Starr, Joan Holloway, Bunny Lewbel
The Buddy Ebsen Show ? 03/31/1952 Comedy Variety Other guest stars: Sam Hearn, Jeanne Richey, Melodi Loll
Highways of Melody ? 12/31/1961 Variety Host: Gordon MacRae
Other guest stars: Dorothy Kirsten, Dolores Gray, Connie Russell, Eddie Arnold
The Bing Crosby Show NBC 11/7/1963 Variety - special Other guest stars: Caterina Valente, Andre Previn
The Andy Williams Show NBC 11/12/1963 Variety - special Other guest stars: Peggy Lee, Osmond Brothers
Marineland Carnival CBS 03/29/1964 Variety - special Other guest stars: Smothers Brothers, Beverly Hillbillies Cast
The Danny Kaye Show CBS 1964 Variety - special (Other guest stars: ?)
Hollywood Palace ABC 1964? Variety - special Ebsen as host
Other guest stars: Jack Carter, Jane Morgan, Willie Mayes
A Special Hour with
Dinah Shore
NBC 11/18/1964 Variety - special Other guest stars: Polly Bergen, Hugh O'Brian
The Entertainers CBS ? Variety - special (?)
Hollywood Palace ABC 1965? Variety - special (Other guest stars: ?)
The Danny Kaye Show CBS 1965 Variety - special (Other guest stars: ?)
The Dean Martin ShowNBC09/16/1965 Comedy Variety (Other guest stars: ?)
Art Linkletter's Houseparty NBC? ? Variety - special ?
A Family Thing ? 11/23/1968 Variety - special Cowsills Special
Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters Hour ABC 10/17/1969 Variety (Other guest stars: ?)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson NBC 197??? Talk Show (?)
The Mac Davis Show NBC ? Variety (?)
The Carol Burnett Show CBS 03/08/1975 Variety Other guest stars: Wayne Rogers
People's Command PerformanceCBS 06/22/1978 (repeat) Special All Star Gala Host: Buddy Ebsen. Guest stars: Buddy Hackett, Red Buttons, Victor Borge, Phyllis Diller, Peggy Lee, Frankie Lane and others
Late Night with Conan O'Brien NBC 02/22/1994Talk Show Other guest stars: Al Franken
The Vicky Lawrence Show FOX 04/08/1994Talk Show Other guest stars: Patrick Macnee, J.-M. Vincent
Steve Edwards ? ?1994? Talk Show (Other guest stars: ?)
The Jay Leno Show NBC Oct. 1997? Talk Show (?)

Buddy Ebsen
Filmography IIIc: Miscellaneous
Title or TopicDate (m/d/)y Type of ShowNotes
Disney puppet 1947 ---- Audio Animatronics
Songs 1949 - ---- Songs published by Disney
The Polynesian ConceptMarch 1972 BookBook on Ebsen's winning Transpacific race in 1968
Painting the Town 1972 TV documentary ?
The Long Chase 1972 TV documentary ?
Stones 1972 ? ?????? ?
Tiny Tree 12/12/1976 Animated cartoon Voice over (Squire Badger), NBC
Tattletales ? Quiz show ?
The Merv Griffin Show 12/02/1980 Radio show Other guest stars: Cloris Leachman, Shelly Smith
Hollywood Historic TrustSept. 1980 ----Ebsen was named chairman of the trust
Crossroads of Life Series 1984 TV documentary ?
Charlie Sent Me! 09/07/1984 NPR Radio Prod./dir.: Roger Rittner; Comedy about prohibition era
Falling for the Stars 1985 TV documentary ?
Milroy - Santa's Misfit Mutt 1987 Animated Cartoon Voice over (Santa)
Buddy Ebsen's Musical Collectibles 1990 Music Video tape
Reading Rainbow:
Paul Bunyan
nineties for children Narrator, PBS?
The Other Side of Oz 1993 Book Autobiography of Buddy Ebsen
Trolling 1997 Fairy tale audio cassette Narrator (Kirsch)
Uncle Jed Country 1997-2002 Series of 10 paintings 9 available for sale
King of the Hill, episode: "A Fire-fighting We Will Go" 1997 Animated Cartoon Voice over (Chet Elderson)
Kelly's Quest 2001 Book Novel by Buddy Ebsen
Buddy's Originals 2002 CD Songs written and/or sung by Buddy Ebsen

These lists are far from being complete and additions will be made as soon as I get more infos. Please inform me if you have dates for talk shows or know more about current radio show appearances. Thanks!

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